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Linear Lighting System, based on “flexible” and “interconnected” linear light source, intensifies the luminaire structure and optical design and regards lighting as an important factor of interior design, moving back and forth freely along the edge of ceilings, floors and walls. The final effect is provided with creative sense and futuristic sense, endowing a brand-new definition to space.

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Production Equipment & Process

We have more than 30 high speed automatic encapsulation pipelines and 15 automatic mounting and applied welding pipelines, characterizing complete LED strip production processes, such as LED encapsulation, high speed SMT, automatic welding, and full series of waterproof, with average monthly production capacity of 1.2 million meters of led strip. Set up new modern luminaries manufacturing factories so as to realize a whole chain of strip light production processes including precision machining, automatic assembly, color spraying and free customization, with average monthly production capacity of 120,000 pcs, in order to deliver high-quality and cost-effective best led strip lights to customers.

Labs & Testing Equipment

In 2019, we upgrade labs, forges professional teams and establishes entire test & detection systems, covering validate requirements of LED strip, neon strip, luminaire and power supply. Equipment contains raw material inspecting, safety, EMC, IP waterproof, IK impact, electrical properties of photoelectric, product reliability, packing reliability and other testing requirements, so as to verify and guarantee the reliable quality of the company’s products including LED strip, neon strip, RGB led strip, 2835 led, 5050 led, linear Lighting etc.

Basic Information



AL6063-T5 aluminum profile with high-quality surface treatment and three optional colors of black, white and silver.
Specially designed light source with PC diffusers producing homogenous & soft lighting.
Various installation ways: pendant, recessed and surface mounted.

Lighting Source






Typ. Power



FPC Strip









Profile Components


Packing Details


Individual Package

      Type Size(mm)    N.W(kg)    G.W(kg)


Packing box 96*86*2580    5    7.76 1 set(Profile + Diffuser + End cap + Clips)

Bundle Package

       CBM(m3)       Size(mm)      N.W(kg)      G.W(kg)     Qty/bundle
0.085   192*172*2580 20    31.04        4 set

To provide you with the best LED strip products, we offer you a wide range of choice to customize the most satisfying products meeting your mind.
1.For our LED strip products, you can choose the LED type from 3528, 2835, 5050, 2216, 3014 and multiple chips are available from Epistar, Osram, Cree and Nichia.
2.Available to customize the wire with one end or dual ends. For all the led strips, you can customize them with one end or dual ends or even no entry cable.
3.Also, you can customize the wire type of led tape like double wires, crystal cable, SM-male wire, SM-female wire, DC-male cable, DC-female cable, crystal male cable, crystal female cable, SM-male/female cable, DC-male/female cable, crystal male/female cable, 2pin WAGO connectors, 1pin WAGO connectors or with no wire. And as well you can customize the connecting led strips length of the wire like 12cm, 15cm, 50cm, 100cm or no wire attached.
4.Available to customize label for tape light or neon light strips.
You can choose to use our brand label with ECHULIGHT on all the LED strips packing or customize with your own brand.
5.Available to customize the special packaging
For all the packing of the LED strips, you can choose to pack with our brand packing, or you can choose the general no brand packing, or you can customize your own brand packing to protect the products and to display your company and brand.
6.Available to customize the content and print on the FPC
No matter for RGB led strip or for general LED strip the silk printing content on the FPC, you can choose to print our general brand information, or you can choose to print your own brand information or you prefer no printing on them.
7.Available to customize one specific BIN or various BIN for color changing led strip lights or outdoor led strip lights or RGB light strip
8.Available to customize the length within the maximum supporting range
All the LEDs strips can customize the length with 5m/reel, 1.5m/reel or maximum 20m/reel.
9.Available to customize the color for all 12v led strip lights or 24v led strip from 1900k to 10000k, also you can choose the RGB color for RGB strip according to the special requirements of your projects or environment.
10.Generally, the CRI for all the LED strips is higher than 80, and also you can customize the CRI range from 80 to 95.
11.Adopt varieties IP process such as gel coating, silicone tube, NANO and integrated silicone extrusion, reach IP20、IP55、IP65、IP67、IP68 protection grade and so on. Available to customize the IP process like IP20 suitable for drying environment, IP55 suitable for humid environment, IP65 suitable for rainy environment, IP67 and IP68 suitable for short- term soaking environment. For example, the waterproof led strip lights, kitchen led strip lights, strip light ceiling, neon led strip etc.
12.For all the LED strips, you can customize the tape type with white tape, red tape, yellow tape to make them sticky led lights or without tape.


※ Please drive the led strip with required isolated power, and the ripple of the constant voltage source should be less than 5%.
※ Please do not bend the strip into an arc with a diameter less than 60mm to ensure the longevity and reliability.
※ Do not fold it in case any damage of LED beads.
※ Do not pull the power wire hard to ensure the longevity. Any Crash may damage the LED light is prohibited.
※ Please make sure the wire is connected to the anode and cathode correctly. The power output should be consistent with the voltage of the strip to avoid damage.
※ LED lights should be stored in dry, sealed environment. Please only unpack it before usage. Ambient temperature: -25℃~40℃.
Storage temperature: 0℃~60℃.Please use the strips without waterproof within indoor environment with humidity less than 70%.
※ Please be careful during operation. Do not touch the AC power supply in case of electric shock.
※ Please leave at least 20% power for the power supply during using to ensure there is enough power supply to drive the product.
※ Do not use any acid or alkaline adhesives to fix the product (e.g.: glass cement).

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