ECDS-C160-24V-12MM(SMD2835) Ultra-long Flexible LED Strip

Basic parameters
Size 20000×10×1.5mm
Leds/m 160LEDs/m
Cutting unit 8LEDs/50mm
Input voltage 24VDC
Input current 0.58A/m&11.6A/20m
Typ.power 14.08W/m
Max.power 16W/m
Beam angle 120°
Copper foil 2OZ

Product Detail

Product Tags


. SMD2835, luminous flux up to 1020LM/m
. 20m long strip driven by one end power supply with the same
  brightness from end to end
. FPC uses double side rolled copper; bending resistance,
  large current carrying capacity, low light decay and good heat
. CE/RoHS/UL certified for the products, 3 years warranty






Brief Introduction

Full scene led strip which can help you optimize your products list, reduce the mix color mistake cost, lower the purchasing communication cost, saving the warehouse stock management cost, and better the marketing and sales person product training cost etc.

Our LED strip provides four series of tape light, including “PRO Series”, “STD Series”, “Toning Series” and “Neon Series”. Customers can select the most suitable led tape in terms of the applications, requirements of functions, projects, and budgets.

Adheres to independent R&D and sustaining innovation, and our products passed the ISO9001 QMS & ISO14001 EMS certification. All products have passed the testing of the third-party authoritative laboratories and have attained the quality certification from a variety of countries and regions: CE, REACH, ROHS, UL, TUV, LM-80 and so on.

Photoelectric Parameters


1. The above data is based on the testing result of 1meter standard product.

2. The power and lumens of output data can be varied up to ±10%.

3. The above parameters are all typical values.

CCT/Color Options


IP Process Options



1. Interior design, such as decoration of home, hotel, KTV, bar, disco, club etc.

2. Architectural design, such as decorative lighting of buildings, edge lighting decoration etc.

3. Advertisement project, such as outdoor illuminated signs, billboard decoration etc.

4. Display design, such as decoration of drinks cabinet, shoe cabinet, jewelry counter etc.

5. Underwater lighting engineering, such as decoration of fish tank, aquarium, fountain etc.

6. Car decoration, such as motorcar chassis, inside and outside of car, high brake decoration etc.

7. City beautification, landscape design, holiday decoration and so on.



1. Supply voltage of this product is DC24V; never connect to other higher voltage.

2. Never connect two wires directly in case of short circuit.

3. Lead wire should be connected correctly according to colors that connecting diagram offers.

4. Warranty of this product is one year, in this period we guarantee replacement or repairing without charges, but exclude the artificial situation of damage or overload working.


※ Please drive the led strip with required isolated power, and the ripple of the constant voltage source should be less than 5%.

※ Please do not bend the strip into an arc with a diameter less than 60 mm to ensure the longevity and reliability.

※ Do not fold it in case any damage of LED beads.

※ Do not pull the power wire hard to ensure the longevity. Any Crash may damage the LED light is prohibited.

※ Please make sure the wire is connected to the anode and cathode correctly. The power output should be consistent with the voltage of the strip to avoid damage.

※ LED lights should be stored in dry, sealed environment. Please only unpack it before usage. Ambient temperature: -25℃~40℃.Storage temperature: 0℃~60℃.

※ Please use the strips without waterproof within indoor environment with humidity less than 70%.

※ Please be careful during operation. Do not touch the AC power supply in case of electric shock.

※ Please leave at least 20% power for the power supply during using to ensure there is enough power supply to drive the product.

※ Do not use any acid or alkaline adhesives to fix the product (e.g.: glass cement).


LED strip installation

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