Best Led Strip Lights ECS A60-24V-8mm SMD3528 60D 5meter for room

LED strip features regulated current, longer lifespan and High efficacy, high CRI, it is designed to provide consistent linear lighting for a wide variety of applications for cove lighting and indirect lighting in hotels, restaurants, shops, offices and homes.

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1.SMD 3528 , a variety of chips optional (Epistar/Osram/Cree/Nichia)
2. FPC adopts double-sided rolled copper, which is resistant to bending, carrying large current, low light decay and
good heat dissipation

3. Low light decline, good heat dissipation, long lifespan (>50,000hours);

4. CE/RoHS/UL certified, 5 years warranty.

5. Cutting unit:6 leds/ 100 mm



1.Decorative lighting for hotel, KTV, etc
2.Backlight for edge lighting/signage lightin
3.LED appearance/scene lighting
4.Holiday decorative lights, display and exhibition lighting
5.Residential or public facilities



1.Please apply different IP rate products according to different environmental conditions;

2.Notice no damage to the PCB's circuit under installation;

3.Adopt suitable power supply to match the led strips. Power is 20% bigger than max.power of led strips to ensure the long time performance of power supply;

4.Forbid to install it when power on. Before power on ,please make sure that wiring is correct once installation finished;

5.In order to get the best lighting effect and no damage. Max.continuous length is 10 meters;

6.Please do not stare at the light for a long time when it is working to protect your eyes;

7.Only professional personnel may dismantle and repair.

CCT/Color Options


Light Distribution


*Note: The above date is based on the color temperature of 4000K monochrome.

Installation Instructions

Installation of clips
1. Use screws to fix the clips on the mounting position.(*3 clips can be used for 1meter)


Installation of carriers
  1. When installing the LED Strip, install it from both ends at the same time, installation from one end only may cause damage to the LED strip.
If the LED strip exceeds 2meters, it’s recommended to install by two persons.
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  1. Use a tool to disassemble the LED strip carefully, and do not pull the LED strip directly.
If the LED strip exceeds 2meters, it’s recommended to disassemble by two persons.
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1. Supply voltage of this product is DC24V; never connect to other higher voltage.

2. Never connect two wires directly in case of short circuit.

3. Lead wire should be connected correctly according to colors that connecting diagram offers.

4. Warranty of this product is one year, in this period we guarantee replacement or repairing without charges, but exclude the artificial situation of damage or overload working.

System Solutions



※ Please drive the led strip with required isolated power, and the ripple of the constant voltage source should be less than 5%.※ Please do not bend the strip into an arc with a diameter less than 60mm to ensure the longevity and reliability.※ Do not fold it in case any damage of LED beads.※ Do not pull the power wire hard to ensure the longevity. Any Crash may damage the LED light is prohibited.

※ Please make sure the wire is connected to the anode and cathode correctly. The power output should be consistent with the voltage of the strip to

avoid damage.

※ LED lights should be stored in dry, sealed environment. Please only unpack it before usage. Ambient temperature: -25℃~40℃.

Storage temperature: 0℃~60℃.Please use the strips without waterproof within indoor environment with humidity less than 70%.

※ Please be careful during operation. Do not touch the AC power supply in case of electric shock.

※ Please leave at least 20% power for the power supply during using to ensure there is enough power supply to drive the product.

※ Do not use any acid or alkaline adhesives to fix the product (e.g.: glass cement).

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No Stretching

No Trampling

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