Linear Lamp Applications

Now more and more lighting scenes inside the application of linear elements, from the linear light style and installation of the diversity: line light is a flexible product, not a standard product, it is difficult to define its function alone, both the function of lighting, but also the function of the visual arts, size, light color, installation mode, control mode according to each individual space in the change.

According to the specific scope of application, the length can be freely customized according to the actual installation requirements, random splicing. The built-in light bar light source can also be replaced with power and color temperature according to the usage scenario. In addition, with the popularity of intelligent control systems, in order to increase the sensory experience, more and more users prefer to add intelligent control effects to improve the visual artistic effect of the space.

Linear Lighting Features

Easy to install: pre-buried installation without any aftermath;

Soft light: true color reproduction, bright and full color;

Customizable length: the size can be cut according to the light demand;

No border: no border after the installation is completed, more overall more fashionable and avant-garde.

LED linear lighting 01

A variety of connection methods, a variety of color temperature options, a variety of materials, a variety of specifications length and even a variety of power to meet different spaces, scenes, lighting needs.

Color temperature effect demonstration

Linear lights can deploy light brightness and color temperature according to the scene and design needs to better provide lighting and atmosphere rendering for the space.

LED linear lighting 02

Linear lighting application effect of different scenes show

Linear lighting as art installations and lamps to use, but also very beautiful, meticulous and uniform light in the space of free change combinations, to bring the role of the basic lighting at the same time, but also highlights the great artistic infectious force, showing its unique charm and spatial feeling.

LED linear lighting 03 LED linear lighting 04

Office Space – Linear Lighting Applications

Through the change of linear lighting, it gives the space animation, and at the same time, it can also give people a simple and clear comfortable feeling. Linear lighting as a functional, customized products, will become the first choice of designers in office space design.

LED linear lighting 05

Commercial Space – Linear Lighting Applications

Linear lights in commercial space is also widely used, giving people a bright, rhythmic endowed with a sense of rhythm, through the light can easily create the overall atmosphere, in the space design, light is an essential decorative element.

LED linear lighting 06 LED linear lighting 07 LED linear lighting 08

Aisle Space Scene Application

Through skillful light and shadow changes, contrasts of light and darkness, the whole building is full of fun and vitality, bringing excellent visual effects. The use of lighting design to construct a free, dynamic, imaginative temperament space, but also through the hidden form of weakening their own sense of existence, along the corresponding space contour gradually arranged along the wall together with the concave unique geometric or curved shape.

LED linear lighting 09 LED linear lighting 10

Home Lighting Linear Lighting Applications:

LED strip light with its beautiful appearance, rich specifications, strong customization, flexible installation, energy saving and environmental protection, etc., has become an important means to achieve the “see light, not see light”. Light as a pen, sketching out the texture of the appropriate space.

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LED linear lighting 11 LED linear lighting 12

Stairwell Scene Application:

The space is illuminated by linear light strips, which enrich the spatial context while also creating a visual sense of light and dark levels and contrast between sham and reality.

LED linear lighting 13

Cabinet linear light application:

Bookcases, closets, wine cabinets and other locations, while meeting the lighting function, ignite the atmosphere of the entire space, seize people’s visual focus, creating a light, dynamic and without losing the delicate style of the spatial context.

LED strip light is installed inside the cabinet to increase the light source, and the clever combination of shelves can weaken the closed sense of enclosure of the space, fully rendering a sophisticated and stylish interior atmosphere.

LED linear lighting 14

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