1. Bedroom
Recommended color temperature: 2700-3000K

For bedrooms, I recommend keeping the lights warm to create a soothing atmosphere where you can rest and relax.

2. Bathroom
Recommended color temperature: 2700-4000K

Bathroom spaces should be functional, so installing brighter and cooler lights is your best bet. If you sometimes want to turn this space into a more soothing environment, you can use Dim to Warm lighting here.

3. Restaurant
Recommended color temperature: 2700-3000K

You want the perfect balance between warm and cool light in this space. It should be bright enough to see what you’re eating and comfortable enough to relax after dinner. I recommend installing Dim to Warm lights in this space so you can easily adjust the temperature to suit your mood.


4. Kitchen
Recommended color temperature: 2700-4000K

In order to read recipes and cook food without hindrance, I recommend choosing bright lighting in the kitchen. But if you’re also eating in the kitchen, installing Dim to Warm lights is a good idea.

5. Office/Home Office/Workspace
Recommended color temperature: 2700-5000K

Your office is where you must concentrate and relax when you are tired. If you mainly use your office during the day, the 4000K light will get the job done perfectly. However, if your office hours vary between day and night, you can install warm dimmed lights and adjust the temperature according to the time and situation.

Post time: Sep-08-2022