Nowadays, cell phone photo function is widely used.

If you use the phone under severe strobe lighting, it is easy to find ripples between light and dark in the phone screen, thus affecting the effect and quality of photography.

How to solve the strobe 1

Although the phone is not a strobe detection tool, but it can be used as a reference tool for “strobe”.

As the name implies, “frequency” refers to frequency, that is, periodicity, “flash” refers to flicker, change, strobe refers to the constant fluctuation of light within the switch cycle, it is a kind of flicker due to frequency and change.

How to solve the strobe 2

Lighting “strobe” generated by the light, in addition to annoying flicker, may cause headaches, eye strain, distraction, but also increase the probability of autism in children.

Domestic and international strobe standards have been introduced, but the focus of different departments are different, the evaluation of indicators are different, and therefore the standards are not quite the same. At present, the mainstream strobe standards mainly include: Energy Star, IEC, IEEE and the domestic CQC.

The causes of strobe and solutions

1. The problem of the driver section

Luminaires are driven without the proper electronic circuitry, such as ballasts, drivers or power supplies, and the light source will produce strobe. The greater the fluctuation in output luminous flux, the more severe the strobe.

Solution 1

Using high quality drive power supply with high power factor, preferably with isolation function, constant current drive power supply with over temperature protection function, etc.

Solution 2

LED lamp beads and LED drive power need to match, if the lamp bead chip is not full power will cause the light source strobe phenomenon, the current is too high lamp beads can not withstand a bright one off, serious will be the lamp beads built-in gold or copper wire burned off, resulting in the lamp beads do not light.

How to solve the strobe 3

2. The problem of the dimming part

For intelligent lighting products, dimming is a necessary function, and dimming is precisely another cause of strobe. When the product is loaded with dimming function, the strobe will often further intensify.


Choosing high-quality dimming accessories with strong compatibility.

How to solve the strobe 4

3. The problem of light source

As for LED lights, from the light-emitting theory, LED lights themselves do not produce strobe, but many LED lights use tin solder PCB board with lamp beads, the requirements of the driver power supply is very high, the quality of the hardware problems and any other smaller errors may lead to dead beads, strobe, uneven light color, or even completely unlit.


The material heat dissipation performance of the luminaire should be standard.

Post time: Mar-15-2023