In modern society, every day can not be at home a lot of time, when returning home, most of the time are spent in the bedroom, so the bedroom lighting design should be said to be a private space in the most important part of the house.

Bedroom lighting design is the main purpose, is better to create a relaxing atmosphere, prompting people to get a good night’s sleep, then the designer exactly how to do a good job of bedroom lighting lighting design?

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Universal color temperature and illuminance for bedroom lighting

Human activity in the day attributes and natural light color temperature changes are inseparable, when we rest, the need for low color temperature lighting to maintain melatonin secretion, which helps us sleep.

So in the design of the bedroom, we need low illumination and low color temperature lighting to create this space, the general youth of middle-aged people in the bedroom, the illumination does not need to be too high, as long as it reaches 75lx of illumination can be, at the same time, you can choose 2700K to 3000K low color temperature, so that you can create a warm, comfortable and relaxing bedroom space.

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Lighting needs in the bedroom

From the design point of view, constitute a bedroom space, there are two basic functional areas, the first is the sleeping area, that is, the bed, and the second is the storage area, that is, the closet, when the size of the bedroom space becomes larger, the space can be attached to more functionality, such as a dressing area, reading area, recreation area and so on.

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From the designer’s point of view, or hope that the sleep area functional simplicity, the bedroom is to sleep, do not go online before going to bed, do not watch TV, because the flickering screen will stimulate the brain’s visual area, you will not sleep well, for example, reading a book requires illumination requirements and sleep is the opposite of the living room study, so if you really want to surf the Internet or watch TV, read a book, you can be done in the living room study!

The reason why I say this is because research has found that if the bed only sleep this demand, we humans will develop a similar “conditioned reflex” habits, translated into vernacular is a sleep in bed, you will want to sleep, so that the quality of sleep will be better than to buy 200,000 a bed.

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Lighting Design Methods for Bedrooms

Bedside area and storage area lighting is the core of the bedroom lighting, we can call it key lighting, or functional lighting. And other parts of the lighting can be called basic lighting, or supplemental lighting, of course, can also be appropriate to increase the decorative lighting, of course, if you can combine decorative lighting and accent lighting that would be better, in order to ensure that functional lighting at the same time, there is a very strong decorative, which is the ideal state!

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In the bedroom lighting design, many designers often refer to the hotel lighting design, or model bedroom lighting design.

Indeed, hotel lighting design is generally very professional, the development of lighting design in the private sector is in a primary stage, while the hotel lighting design is indeed very mature, and a large number of professional lighting designers involved.

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But we can not copy the hotel design, hotel room design in order to meet, at the same time, the hotel and model rooms do a lot of decorative lighting design, such as the most often widely borrowed by designers is, in the bed above the installation of two spotlights, some of them irradiate the head of the bed on the background, some of them irradiate the bedding on the bed.

This kind of lamp is very good in decorative, under the irradiation of two spotlights, the wall decoration can be well reflected, at the same time, the three-dimensional sense of bedding, the sense of light and shadow have been well shaped, and at the same time, you can reflect the clean and tidy bedding to the guests, so that the guests can rest assured that they can use.

But the installation of these two lights is very unscientific, strong sense of glare, will seriously affect the quality of sleep, it is recommended that in the design of private space is best not to use.

Different occupants of different modes of design, so we can see a variety of lighting design in the room, the occupants can choose different lighting according to their own preferences.

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Lighting design is not one-size-fits-all, which carries a lot of subjective factors in, so when learning lighting design, we do not dogmatic memorization, but to learn lighting design thinking, when there is a lighting design thinking, we can be based on the specifics of each owner, to create only their space design.

The main lamp is illuminated using direct light lighting, the biggest benefit of direct lighting is that the light can be maximized, but the biggest problem is the problem of glare, the bedroom space is more demanding than any other space for anti-glare requirements.

So if you want to create a comfortable bedroom, then the best way is to use indirect lighting. We often say that the highest realm of lighting design is to see the light and not see the light, and indirect lighting design techniques is to see the light and not see the best embodiment of the light.

What is indirect lighting?

Indirect lighting can also be called reflective lighting, because in the final analysis, it is the use of lamps and lanterns of the light source, through the mirror, the ground, the wall, etc., the light source will be reflected a lighting technique.

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From the characteristics of indirect lighting, generally can not be used for work lighting, the most important is still used to create an environmental atmosphere, when more than 90% of the luminous flux are projected onto the walls, floors, mirrors, leaving only about 10% of the luminous flux, reflecting back to the irradiated object, we can call it indirect lighting.

Indirect lighting is the most familiar method of application is the use of ceiling light trough, but in addition to the lighting trough of the lighting in fact there are other forms of expression, for example, the opaque lampshade installed in the lower part of the bulb, the light is directed to the flat roof or other objects on the reflective can be formed by the indirect light, or you can use the performance of the inner light, can still achieve a better effect of indirect lighting, bedrooms, such as the need for indirect light. The bedroom does not need too strong illumination space, indirect lighting is undoubtedly a very good design techniques.

Lighting of the bedside section

First of all, let’s look at the lighting design of the bedside part, the lighting of the bedside part is divided into two areas, one is the wall bedside lighting, the other is the lighting of the bedside cabinet.

Private home space, the pillow part of the need for light, but do not need to use direct light for lighting, if there is direct lighting spotlights, it is easy to give a sense of oppression, so we can install wall washing light strip above the bed ceiling.

The effect of the strip light can provide a good atmosphere for the bedroom lighting, but also for a short period of time before going to bed to read or play with a cell phone to provide lighting, in particular, for some of the large areas of the use of texture modeling of the wall, this lighting can highlight the texture of the sense of hierarchy, and of course, the anti-glare effect is also the best. 

Indirect light can be installed not only on the ceiling, but also on the wall, such as in the bed behind the set of upward irradiation of the light strip, with the spotlights or chandeliers from the top down, you can produce a rich light source level. 

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Especially in minimalist bedrooms, the wall molding can make extensive use of light strips or strips of lights to shape the wall molding, and lighting has become an important part of the wall decor and has become a highlight.

In addition to the use of the bed, the strip can also be used as a sleep light, or ambient light to use, for example, we set up a super-low illumination and color temperature under the bed of the induction strip, can be convenient to use at night, at the same time, can be used as a sleep light to create the atmosphere, or, the installation of the strip in the curtain box, highlighting the sense of stylization of the curtains, to create a sense of comfort in space!

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And the private house is inhabited by the object is fixed, we only need to according to the habits of different occupants, to create their own design can be.

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For example, there is an accent lighting area in the independent checkroom, that is, the fitting mirror area, must pay attention to a few points:

a. In order to better restore the character’s skin color when choosing lamps in this area, and the clothing irradiation of a better look, we should choose Ra>90 above the lamps and ensure that the index of R9 is not less than 30.

b. If the interior decoration for the dark colors, then choose the luminous flux of the lamps and lanterns should be correspondingly larger, if the decoration for the light colors, the luminous flux of the lamps and lanterns should be smaller, so as to ensure that the brightness of the checkroom in a comfortable state.

c. In the choice of color temperature, it is recommended that the neutral light of 3500k-4000K is the main one.

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